The production and storage of electricity 100% autonomous!

An autonomous, cost-effective, rechargeable energy station. PIVO enables the off-grid integration and commercialisation of all sorts of technological solutions in a variety of use cases previously impossible due to lack of power availability.

  • PIVO is an enabler for other technological solutions/systems

  • The cheapest 400W/h when 100m from an infrastructure

  • Clean, efficient and environment friendly


Our value added resides in our innovative technology

  • A technological enabler!

  • Quick and easy installation in less than 1h

  • Internet connectivity (Optional)

  • Easy integration with detection, monitoring and remote control systems

  • Up to 400W/h of power generation

  • Up to 5000W/h of power storage

  • Totally renewable energy production system

  • Green and environmentally friendly power solution

  • System is protected from environment and theft

  • The cheapest 400W/h when 100m away from an infrastructure


  • Construction sites

  • Green spaces

  • National parks

  • Bicycle paths and parks

  • Areas where excavation is not possible

  • Parking lots

  • Campgrounds

  • Remote locations