Use Cases for the


autonomous multipurpose power stations

PIVO delivers energy solutions in off-grid situations where it is impossible or too expensive to connect to the grid. Our remote controlled energy stations can power cameras, detection and monitoring equipment, engines, pumps, LED messaging boards, etc. PIVO offers the cheapest 400W/h when 100m from an infrastructure and can stock up to 5000W/h.


Enabler for technology systems

Our PIVO power stations enable technological systems to operate in off-­‐grid environments with optional internet connectivity.


Securing location/installations

Our PIVO power platform can serve as a security platform (housing cameras, movement detectors, etc.) for your construction or industrial sites.


Public safety

PIVO enables a suite of public safety applications like communications, real­‐time alerts (detection, monitoring, alerts) even outside electrical or cellular coverage areas.


Lighting, signs and displays

PIVO, our autonomous power station, is the ideal solution to all your DISPLAY needs with its connectivity and theft protection (for its batteries and Solar Panels).

Our News

We are very pleased to announce our presence at the 6th «Rencontre des municipalités efficaces», which will be held on 6 and 7 April 2016. The event will be held at 40 Centennial Avenue in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield.   General description of the meeting: In December 2015, COP 21 was held in Paris in order to sign an agreement to be the greatest adventure of all humanity. The words reflecting our global reality can no longer be filtered: environmental and climate emergencies, major hazards, collapse of the life support systems … Scary words, but still pronounced by the presidents of the great democracies of the world today. So, what do we do? Municipalities are ever in sight to the fight against climate change because the territorial component is critical to the implementation of durable development. But the municipality is the conductor of the territory … The global environmental problems like accommodation, the…

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High performance technologies

LEKLA design and manufactures clean and efficient power plants. Our innovative designs enable our customers to implement technological solutions outside the constraints of the electrical grid/GSM coverage areas.

We pride ourselves on our innovative, simple and robust designs. Our customer focused approach is build upon a foundation of trust between our customers and our products. We make every effort to deliver the innovative solutions our customers need to solve their real world challenges.

Our R&D team has design the PIVO system to exceed the most stringent expectation of performance and reliability. Our intelligent solutions allow remote control and monitoring of our systems via smartphone or a web browser.